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You will be directed to one of our experts that specializes in your specific healthcare specialization.  We are passionate about providing healthcare professionals a career path, rather than just a job by providing real time expertise, industry knowledge and professional advice that will fit your needs.  To us, it’s not about finding you a job, it’s about changing lives!

We want to get to know you!  After our consultation, we will work with our team of experts and submit job opportunities to you for review!

  • What is motivating you to make a change?
  • Analyze your work history and design a plan of execution to meet both short and long-term career goals based on market analysis/employer needs.
  • Aligning specialty interest with job market demands
  • Geographic Exploration; Where are you open to exploring options? A close look at your local job market vs. other job markets nationally.  We are not only a healthcare placement firm, we are relocation experts and will guide you through the timeline, step by step providing accuracy to your search.  We have realtor partners nationwide to make your search even easier!
  • Work Schedule; We can maximize your search options by tailoring your schedule preferences and working with our healthcare employers as a solution to meet everyone’s needs.
  • Compensation and Benefits; We provide our candidates with salary market analysis of your specialty of practice, cost of living comparisons and enough information to make an educated decision.
  • Wish List; Identifying your top 3 characteristics of your job search upon accepting a new position enabling you to make the right change!
  • Timeline; Identifying your time line to make a change. Is it real?  Setting you up for a timeline that will be successful for your change!
  • Family; We treat our candidates as if they are our own family members! We want you and your family to feel comfortable in this change of employment!  We know that it is not just you making the change!